Antoine Vacher

CNRS Research Engineer

Antoine Vacher
University of Rennes 1

263 avenue du general Leclerc


Rennes 35070


Email : antoine [dot] vacher [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0) 2 23 23 74 33

Office number : Building 10A, room 117


Antoine Vacher (born in 1982) received his master degree in organic chemistry in 2007 from the University of Rennes 1. He obtained his PhD in 2011 from the University of Rennes 1 under the supervision of Pr. Dominique Lorcy on the synthesis of new electroactif ligand for organometallic chemistry (Ru, Pt): TTF acetylure. He then carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Cergy_Pontoise in LPPI team on the synthesis of electrophore thiophene polymer. In 2013, he was recruited as a CNRS researcher engineer in the MaCSE group. His research focus on the development of electroactif organic/organometallic building block with a TTF core and the development of spectroscopy measurement coupling with electrochemistry (Uv-vis-NIR, FTIR, emission,…)
He is the co-author of 19 publications.

Last publications

  • How the Anchoring site on two extended tetrathiafulvalenes impacts the electronic communication through a bis(acetylide)ruthenium linker, Organometallics 2017, 36, 2208-2217.
  • Understanding the colorimetric properties of quinoxaline-based \pi-conjugated copolymers by tuning their acceptor strength: a joint theoretical and experimental approach, RSC Advances 2017, 7, 22311-22319.
  • Chiral 1,2-dithiine as a sulfur rich electron acceptor, New Journal of Chemistry, 2016, 40, 9930-9935.

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