Bioglasses technical platform

Microfluidic station

The OptoReader brings about the strength of duplex optical fiber measurement, high optical sensitivity and real-time processing capacity within a compact design. It offers the same performance as a microscope while being more cost effective. The use of optical fiber for both illumination and light collection largely frees up the space around the experiment and reduces the optical alignment to only one step.


  • High sample rate: 100 000 samples/s
  • High sensitivity: refer to the technical specifications
  • Lock-in detection capability: to eliminate constant background
  • Compact design: the use of optical fiber allows low footprint and versatile integration
  • Plug & Play: USB computer connection, empowered by the Elveflow software suite (ESI)
  • Interoperability: TTL source trigger

Application fields

Microfluidics, fiber optic sensor, analytical or bio chemistry, biology, real-time inspection (food, pharmaceutics, etc)


Campus  :  Villejean
Room: 230
Build: 15

In charge : Pascal Pellen


Spectrometer ICP-OES

Spectrometer ICP-OES(ICAP7400 Thermo fisher) inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, is an analytical technique used for the detection of chemical elements.


Liquid sample or mineralisable solid(10mL is needed)
Measurement : 50ppb to 100ppm(dependent element)


Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room: 114
Build: 10B

In charge : Bertrand Lefeuvre