Under this theme, our works aim to find new materials and new approaches to design and evaluate future biomaterials for bone surgery applications.

The team has acquired in recent years expertise in the synthesis of bioactive glasses by fusion or sol-gel methods (original methods developed for the production of quaternary glasses SiO2-CaO-Na2O-P2O5 by sol-gel). These glasses are associated with organic molecules (chitosan, phosphonates, antibiotics ...) for the design of inorganic / organic composites. For instance, the results for the quaternary glass composite 46S6 / natural polymer (chitosan) have shown very promising properties of osteoinduction and biocompatibility.

New syntheses of glasses by sol-gel (nanoparticules, mesoporous glasses with or without ordered porosity) allowed access to control these glasses texture offering different reactivity and varied perspectives for their applications.

The team also has expertise in in vitro biological evaluation of materials at different scales (nanomaterials, bulks (ANR Clustop)) with an original approach (spheroids).

Development of composites bioactive glass / organic component

New syntheses and characterization of new bioactive glasses

Biomaterials biological evaluation in vitro