CoFRO - workshop on Coordination chemistry between France and ROmania

This event will take place in Rennes on May 15-16, 2024

The ISCR is delighted to invite you to CoFRO, a workshop dedicated to French and Romanian chemists in the fields of organometallic, inorganic and coordination chemistry. This two-day event will take place on May 15-16, 2024 in Rennes (PNRB, Beaulieu campus).

Find all the details on the website:

The symposium is a binational forum where chemists from both countries are invited to present their research work and lay the groundwork for collaborative projects.

Through this event, we wish to offer a platform where all the topics of our disciplines will be discussed, in order to encourage joint research proposals between the two countries or, simply, to initiate new informal collaborations.

We are committed to offering everyone the opportunity to communicate about their research. Each group that sends delegates will have at least one slot for an oral presentation.

Beyong these presentations, the symposium will also welcome three invited speakers, whom share close links with France and Romania:

  • Dr Narcis AVARVARI, CNRS Research Director at UMR 6200 MOLTECH, University of Angers, France
  • Dr Gábor BALÁZS, Associate Professor, University of Regensburg, Germany
  • Dr Dragoş ROŞCA, Assistant professor, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

The committee is looking forward to welcoming you in May 2024!

Yann Sarazin - Univ Rennes, CNRS, ISCR-CNRS UMR 6226, F-35000 Rennes, France
yann [dot] sarazinatuniv-rennes [dot] fr