Deltalight photothermal platform, plateforme d'études photothermiques

Photothermal activity is related to the ability of a material to convert light energy into heat

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Δlight (deltalight) is a platform dedicated to the photothermal study of organic or inorganic compounds in solution or in the solid state.

The photothermal activity of molecules, nanoparticles, powders or films can be properly evaluated and quantified.

This platform is currently composed of 4 lasers of adjustable power (0-10W) with wavelengths of 808, 880, 940 and 1600 nm in the near-infrared. All materials absorbing in part at these wavelengths can be studied.

Δlight platform allows to record the temperature increases generated under laser irradiation, to evaluate the stability of the materials under irradiation and to extract the photothermal efficiencies (rate of conversion of photons into heat). These studies can be carried out in various fluid media but also on solids thanks to the use of a thermal camera.


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