Fabrice Pointillart

CNRS researcher in Coordination Chemistry

Email : fabrice [dot] pointillart [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33223236752

Office number : 10B 105

Education and professional experience

2013: Accreditation to supervise research (HDR)

University of Rennes 1, Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, “From tridimensional networks to Molecules with Multiple Properties”.

2007: CNRS Researcher

University of Rennes 1, Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, Organometallic team: Materials and Catalysis

2005-2007: Post-doctoral fellow

University of Florence, Laboratory of Molecular Magnetism (LAMM)

2005: Chemistry and Physics of the materials PhD

University Pierre et Marie Curie, “Magnetism and Chirality: From the oxalate-based tridimensional networks to the verdazyl-based chains”.

2002 Inorganic Chemistry Master “from molecules to materials”

University Pierre et Marie Curie,” Influence of the insertion of a second transition series metal ion on the structural, magnetic and optical properties of three-dimensional oxalate-based magnets”.

Research interests

My research interests are focused on the design and understanding of multi-properties molecular materials mainly based on redox-active tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) ligands and lanthanide ions.

- Sensitization of lanthanide luminescence by antenna effect using TTF ligand as push-pull organic chromophore.

- Use of magnetic anisotropy of lanthanide ion for the design of Single-Molecule Magnets (SMM) including magneto-structural correlation with optical properties.

- Elaboration of 3d coordination complexes for the observation of thermal and photo-induced spin transition and 3d4f heterobimetallic complexes for combination with SMM behavior.

- Use of chiral ligands with high optical activity value for the design of chiral SMM.

- Electro-crystallization of the multi-properties molecular materials for electronic conductivity studies and switching of the physical properties.

Awards and Prices

2010: Scientific Installation Price of Rennes Métropole (AIS)

2011-2014 CNRS Excellence Scientific Award (PES)

2015-2018 CNRS Research and Doctoral Supervision Prize (PEDR)

2014 CNRS Bronze Medal

2017-2022 ERC Consolidator Grant 2016 (MULTIPROSMM) (N°725184)

2017 Young researcher Coordination Chemistry Division (DCC) Award from the French Chemical Society

Main Collaborations

Dr. Viacheslav Kuropatov (G. A. Razuvaev Organometallic chemistry Institute of Russian Sciences Academy, Russia): Chemistry of quinone based-Tetrathiafulvalene.

Prof. M. Probert (University of Newcastle): X-ray diffraction under pressure

Dr. Dawid Pinkowicz (Jagiellonian University): magnetic investigation under pressure

Prof. Christophe Copéret (ETH Zurich, Switzerland): nanoparticles

Prof. Roberta Sessoli and Dr. Matteo Mannini (University of Florence, Italy): Nano-organization of Single-molecule magnets on surface.

Prof. Abdelkrim Gouasmia (University Larbi Tébessi of Tébessa, Tébessa, Algeria): Design of heterobimetallic complexes involving multi-chelating tetratiafulvalene ligands.

Dr. Geeta Hundal (University of Guru Nanak Dev, Amritsar, India): Magnetic investigations of lanthanide polymers.

Prof. V. Chandrasekhar and Mr. Arun Kumar Bar (School of Chemical Sciences, NISER Bhubaneswar, India): Magnetic investigations of cobalt and lanthanide complexes.

Dr. Olivier Maury (Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, France): Photo-physical investigations of lanthanide-based systems.

Prof. Stephan Guy (Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, France): CPL investigations.

Dr. Boris Le Guennic (University of Rennes 1, France): DFT, TD-DFT, ab initio (CASSCF/CASPT2) calculations for photo-physical and magnetic investigations.

Dr. Kevin Bernot (Institut National de Sciences Appliquées de Rennes (INSA), France): SMM investigations

Dr. Jeanne Crassous (University of Rennes 1, France): chemistry of helicene-like ligands.

Dr. Claudia Lalli (University of Rennes 1, France): Multi-binaphtyl-based ligands.


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