Fast imaging coupled with micro RAMAN technical platform


The new Raman spectro for the SIR platform was delivered in mid September and put into service at the end of September. This is a LabRAM HR Evolution spectrometer from Horiba Scientific. It makes it possible to carry out Raman spectra of micro and macro-samples with high spectral resolution.

It is coupled to a confocal microscope, equipped with an XYZ motorized table, which offers the possibility of imaging a sample in 2D (or in 3D for transparent samples) with a spatial resolution of the order of µm2 (a few µm3 In 3D).

The system has 4 lasers: 405 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm and 785 nm.


Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room: 172
Build: 10 A

In charge : Virginie Nazabal, Jean-Pierre Guin

Raman spectro
confocal microscope