Florence Geneste

CNRS Research Director

Florence Geneste
University of Rennes 1

263 avenue du general Leclerc


Rennes 35070


Email : florence [dot] geneste [at] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0) 2 23 23 59 65

Office number : Building 10C, Room 154

Research themes

Her research interest is primarily focused on the modification of surfaces for different applications in redox supported catalysis, sensors, environment and energy. She is well involved in flow electrochemistry using porous electrodes. Her current research themes are:

  • Functionnalization of surfaces (electrografting processes, silanization reaction…) to covalently immobilize organic and organometallic species.
  • Modification of electrodes by redox catalysts or metallic nanoparticles for environmental applications.
  • Flow electrolysis on porous electrode materials (home-made electrochemical flow cells).
  • Development of methods for electrochemical analysis. Electrodes modified with specific receptors of ions, redox catalysts and molecularly imprinted polymers.
  • Electrodes and electrolytes for Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs).

Education and professional experience

Florence Geneste was graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle de Lyon. She completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University Paris-Sud, where she acquired expertise in Organic Synthesis. She worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Thomson-CSF (Orsay) and at the University of Cambridge in the group of A. B. Holmes in Materials Science. She joined the « Laboratoire d’Organométalliques et Catalyse: Chimie et Electrochimie moléculaire » of Rennes in 1999 as chargé de recherche CNRS. She is now Directeur de recherche CNRS in the MaCSE group (Matière Condensée et Systèmes Electroactifs) of the UMR-CNRS 6226 “Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes” at the University of Rennes 1.

Membership of professional organizations

Member of the French Chemical Society (SCF).


  • 2013: “Visiting Professor” of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” of Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
  • 2015: Award of the fondation of “Banque Populaire de l’Ouest, Appel « projets du futur » niveau investissement”, for the project Bateleccir Ionwatt.

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