Condensed Matter and Electroactive Systems (MaCSE)

The Condensed Matter and Electroactive Systems (MaCSE) team was created in January 2006 together with the Institute (ISCR UMR 6226). At this time, the team gathered 20 permanent researchers, professors, engineers and technicians while by now the MaCSE team has 27 permanents employees.

We are working on ...

Our work is focused on the conception and synthesis of electroactive molecules, based on heterochemistry, coordination and organometallic chemistry, their organization in conducting or semiconducting molecular materials and their implementation in condensed phases (crystals, liquid crystals, gels, electroactive surfaces, thin layers, nanoparticles), enforcing crystal engineering concepts and surface functionalization tools.  These original objects or systems are investigated by a set of X-ray-diffraction studies (single crystal, powder, SAXS), spectral analysis techniques coupled with electrochemistry, surface analysis (SECM, AFM, IR-Raman, XPS,...) and physical measurements (conductivity, magnetism).

Our work, with the participation of doctoral and postdoctoral fellows together with different internship students, is organized around four thematic axes, three on societal challenges and one more fundamental and cross-cutting to the first three axes.

Molecular materials for electronics

Nanomaterials for health

Energy conversion and storage

Intermolecular interactions and functional surfaces