François Cheviré

CNRS Researcher

Email : francois [dot] chevire [at] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0)

Office number : Building 10A, Room 142


François Cheviré received a Master (2001) and a Ph.D. (2004) in Solid State Chemistry from the University of Rennes 1, France. After conducting postdoctoral reasearch at the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department at Cornell University, Ithaca NY (2005–2006) under the supervision of Pr. Francis J. DiSalvo and at the Mistubishi Chemical – Center for Advanced Materials (MC-CAM) at the University of California, Santa Barbara CA (2006–2007) under the supervision of Pr. Anthony K. Cheetham, he joined the CNRS as a research fellow in 2007 and is pursuing research on new nitrogen containing inorganic materials as phosphors, photocatalysts and optoelectronic materials in the Glass and Ceramics group of the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes (ISCR). In 2017, he received his Habilitation to supervise research (HDR) in Chemistry from the University of Rennes 1.

Current Themes of Research

  • Physicochemistry of mixed anions materials (O, N, S, NCN) and related materials
  • Development of novel synthesis routes to nitrogen containing materials
  • Additive manufacturing of glass materials
  • Oxynitride thin films
  • Structural Charaterizations on powders
  • Optoelectronics properties
  • Environmental and Energy related materials: visible-light photocatalysis, phosphors, p-type semiconductor oxides.


Education and Professional Experience

  • 2017   Accreditation to supervise research (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, HDR)
    « Nitrogen-containing Inorganic Compounds for Energy Conversion »
    University of Rennes 1

  • 2007   CNRS Researcher
    UMR CNRS 6226 Institut des Sciences Chimiques de rennes, Equipe Verres et Céramiques (ISCR)
    University of Rennes I

  • 2006/07   Post-doctoral fellow
    Mitsubishi Chemical Center for Advanced Materials (MC-CAM) (Pr. A.K. Cheetham group)
    University of Santa Barbara, CA - USA

  • 2005/06   Post-doctoral fellow
    Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Pr. F.J. DiSalvo group)
    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY - USA

  • 2004   PhD. in Chemistry
    UMR CNRS 6512 Verres et Céramiques
    University of Rennes I

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