French-Australian scientific day & school on molecular electronics and photonics

This event will be held from January 31 to February 2, 2023 in Perth
French-Australian scientific day & school on molecular electronics and photonics

This symposium is composed from a scientific day concerning French and Australian scientists involved in the International Research Project (IRP) about Multiphoton Absorbers in Therapy and Imaging (MAITAI), followed by a school of "Molecular Electronics and Photonics". The objective of this second* thematic school (MEP2), which will follow the scientific day, is  to provide the participants with conceptual bases to better understand the challenges in electronics and molecular photonics.

For doctoral students, this school will primarily aim to give them the minimum background allowing them to read and understand scientific articles about these topics. Molecular electronics and photonics are indeed central to the fabrication of functional molecular assemblies with dedicated tasks in various advanced fields nowadays, such as, for instance:

  • the development of new photosensitizers for theranostics in the field of health,
  • the development of innovative molecular materials allowing "all-optical" processing of information in the field of data storage and processing.

The MAITAI IRP, which provides most of the funding  for this school as well as its French and Australian teachers, has its main topics in these fields and develops fundamental and applied research based on these concepts. The opening scientific day will allow the French and Australian partners of MAITAI to exchange face to face about their latest findings for the first time since four years (i.e. the last scientific day organised at the Australian National University (ANU) in 2018). It is therefore an important event after several years of COVID-19 pandemic (which lead to Australian border closure during more than one year) to restart the collaborative work.

* It should be noted that this thematic school has already taken place at the ANU in 2019 and that its first edition was a great success for the young researchers who participated.


Frédéric Paul, Univ Rennes, CNRS, ISCR-CNRS UMR 6226, F-35000 Rennes, France
frederic [dot] paulatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr