Gaël UNG Seminar

Circularly polarized luminescence spectroscopy: elucidating excited states in a different way

UCONN - University of Connecticut (Etats-Unis)

Thursday May 11, 2023 – 2 p.m.

University of Rennes 1 – Beaulieu Campus
Building 10B, Grandjean Amphitheater

Inorganic Theoretical Chemistry team

Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) is the emission of light with preferential right- or left-polarization states. CPL has emerged as a next-generation light source since the added chiral optical information presents unique opportunities to enhance optical displays, bio-imaging, security features for sensitive documents, and quantum information science. Synthetic designs and strategies towards producing molecules capable of emitting strong CPL will be briefly discussed. We will also demonstrate that CPL spectroscopy can provide analyses that are not as straightforward with other spectroscopic techniques: First, we will show that CPL spectroscopy can resolve luminescent transitions at room temperature, elucidating the excited states of luminescent uranyl. Then, we will show that CPL spectroscopy can be used for a conformational analysis of the excited state of some molecules.

Contact: Boris Le Guennic (3 35 21) – boris [dot] leguennicatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr