Gérard MIGNANI Seminar

Chemical Innovative processes: why to run reactions in flow? Need to manage interfaces

Wednesday April 5, 2023
First part: 10:30 a.m.
Second part: 2:00 p.m.

University of Rennes 1 – Beaulieu Campus
Building 10B, Grandjean Amphitheater

Organometallics: Materials and Catalysis team

We focus this presentation to an innovative approach to the chemistry world who requires new strategies and criteria for an intelligent and green chemistries. It is understood that all this matter has big implications in economy, societal and in future industry. The art-&-science of Flow Chemistry – involves atom-&-energy efficient, highly-controlled reactions with short-routes / novel chemistry windows, very-low residence-times, resulting in high reaction-selectivity, product-purity, productivity; conducted safely and precisely in miniaturized highly-flexible continuous plug-flow reactors.

This technique results in very low downstream clean-up operations, drastic reduction in solvents, excess-reagents and energy – i.e. less waste generation and low carbon-footprint. The minimal size leads to high degree of reaction-control and hazard containment. Together, these process-intensification techniques provide the techno-commercial incentive to industry to conform to the principles of Green Chemistry.

The implementation of automation in the multistep flow synthesis is essential for transforming laboratory-scale chemistry into a reliable clean industrial process.

In this presentation we demonstrate the importance of perfectly managing the reaction interfaces using modern tools and methodologies.

According to this methodology, we present an original structuring of the access routes to innovation.

Dr. Gérard Mignani graduated from University of Orsay and University of Rennes (Lavoisier Medal) - Major of Promotion (1977), PhD in 1980 (Rennes University,) Pr. René Dabard and Thése d’Etat in 1981 in the field of organometallic chemistry. He completed a postdoctoral assignment at Prof. Seyferth - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in the field of organometallic precursors of ceramics materials.

He acted as Senior Vice President Research and Innovation & Executive Director in Rhodia and Solvay Groups. He co-chaired the Joint Unit: CNRS-University of Montpellier-Rhône-Poulenc, Pr. R. Corriu.

Leveraging his 41 years of corporate experience in the groups Rhone-Poulenc, Rhodia and Solvay, Dr. Gérard Mignani has developed new strategies and processes concerning catalysis, organic synthesis of drugs, vitamins, terpenes, materials sciences (NLO, OLED, OPV, electronic transfer, silicones…), bio-gas, CO2 capture and valorizations, bio-processes, industrial innovation strategies...

Dr. Gérard Mignani was recognized through several Industrial awards: RHONE and POULENC-RHODIA and his worldwide expertise was recognized by the Prix Aymé POIRSON from the French Academy of Sciences in November 2020. He has contributed at more 90 international articles, book chapters, reviews and 152 patents in many scientific and industrial areas. He has presented many international conferences and courses at Paris, Rennes, Valencia, Wuhan Universities…

Dr. Gérard Mignani has been part of the CNRS and ANR projects evaluation and member of CoNRS commission (N°12). His work has been the subject of numerous academic and industrial collaborations. Founder and Technical Advisor, President of MIGNANI SAS, a Start-up dedicated to International Open Innovation Strategy, Dr. Gerard MIGNANI’s present activities include building and developing essential bridges between basic research and industrial challenges in many

industrial fields. He is an international consultant for a number of Industrial Companies and Universities. The developed axies are multiple in many technical fields such as energy, clean industrial processes, biomimicry, green valorizations of biomass and Artificial Intelligence to solve important industrial challenges.

Contact: Christophe Darcel (3 62 71) - christophe [dot] darcelatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr