Glasses shaping technical platform

Molding machine

molding machine

Thin film deposition equipment

This system is equiped of a box shape chamber with a front door, for up to 3″ standardized substrates to manufacture thin solid films or coatings films in High Vacuum (<10-6 mbar obtained by Tubomolecular and dry primary pumps). All materials can be deposited for films (metal, oxide, chalcogenide, ..) since the coatings or films can be manufactured with independent regulation of deposition rate by quartz monitoring Inficon system either

-by the Ferrotec-Genius Electron beam system (10kV) with 6 separate crucibles of 20cm3 for the more refractory materials to obtain Electron Beam Deposition (EBD) mode

- by one thermal source (EJ) for "less refractory materials".

Much possibilities can be envisaged with this evaporator machine as :

-to manufacture optical coatings for UV-Visible-PIR and MIR applications

-to co-deposite 2 film materials by electron beam deposition (EBD) and thermal source (EJ) to manufacture new IR Glass materials

-to manufacture « crystallised film » by heating during deposition substrate with a furnace (<800°C) or by post heat treatment static or dynamic with the standard gaz (02, N2, Ar).

All steps to manufacture « coatings » can be controlled by Plassys software either by semi automatic or automatic procedures of deposition sequence.

Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room: 260
Build: 10 B

In charge : Michel Cathelinaud

Evaporator Plassys

Nanoglass characterisation

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS is a Zeta-meter and particule sizer


Size between 0.3nm and 10µm
Many solvents



Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room: 115
Build: 10 B

In charge : Bertrand Lefeuvre