International relationships

The International Relationships work group assists the ISCR Direction in the implementation and monitoring of the International and European actions in order to increase the international dimension, the attractiveness and the visibility of the Institute.
relation between countries

Group activities

  • ensure regular monitoring and report on all the formalised international activities carried out by ISCR members
  • identify, by the most appropriate means, the most interactive countries / geographical areas / partners that could justify an active action to set up officialised collaborations
  • help and encourage applicants to set up such actions, especially if they may go beyond the framework of a bilateral relationship,
  • interact with the “International” services at CNRS, University of Rennes 1, ENSCR, INSA Rennes 
  • ensure the animation of a ’Cellule Europe’ animated by the ’Correspondant Europe (CNRS)’ at ISCR, Ms. Karine Robin (CNRS). This ’Cellule Europe’ aims to inform, assist in the preparation and monitoring of research programs from the European Community
  • promote the work group actions in connection with the Scientific Animation and Communication work groups
  • provide the ISCR Direction an opinion on the priorities involving the international actions (PHC, PICS, LIA, invited professors, etc.)
  • update the ISCR intranet with the international realisations