Isabelle Soutrel


Email : isabelle [dot] soutrel [at] ensc-rennes [dot] fr

Phone : 02 23 23 80 23

Office number : ENSCR 007

- Develop methods for the analysis of trace compounds and identify the by-products of the degradation of organic pollutants by liquid and gas phase chromatography.

- Ensure the operation, maintenance and upkeep of the devices present in the laboratory in particular devices from the chromatographic park which consists of 7 HPLC or UHPLC chains associated with different detectors (equipped with a computerized network system), 1 ion chromatography, 5 CPG. Added to this is the mass spectrometry platform comprising the GC-MS coupling equipped with 3 automatic injectors, the UHPLC/MS/MS coupling supplemented by an online pre-concentration module as well as the UHPLC/IMS/QTof coupling.

- Introduce users to techniques and train them in the use of different devices.

- Animation of the Analytical and Technical Pole of the CIP team.