ISCR 2023 conferences - Jean-Marie TARASCON

Batteries : Challenges for a sustainable development

The Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences is pleased to welcome in Rennes Jean-Marie Tarascon, Solid State Chemistry and Energy Lab - Collège de France.

Jean-Marie Taracon is laureate of the CNRS 2022 gold Medal.

Challenges related to energy storage lead in the last decade to scientific profusion that resulted in spectacular innovations in the field of batteries. These innovations, which pertain to the control of chemistry and electrochemistry, make nowadays electric mobilities a reality. In this context, it is pertinent to ask oneself about the battery of future, especially if such battery is an appropriate option in terms of sustainable development. It is a huge challenge that requires new materials, new chemistries, and new concepts.

This seminar will intend to tackle these various aspects. New concepts will be illustrated by the discovery of a new redox activity within electrode materials. Durability will be treated in the framework of Na ion technology, and also through the development of intelligent batteries that combine diagnosis functionalities and self-recovery. This is a new research area where optics and supramolecular chemistry are associated.

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