ISCR involved in Pint of Science 2023 edition

In Rennes, this event will take place on May 22-24

Are you thirsty for science? You are lucky!  The Pint of Science popular science festival will be held from May 22 to 24, 2023 to satisfy your thirst! From Physics to Human Sciences, come and tackle new subjects in a friendly setting over a drink in a bar.

During these three evenings, there will be presentations in six different bars from Rennes simultaneously, each bar representing a major theme which are as follows:

  •     From Atoms to Galaxies (Atypik)
  •      Our Body  (Ty Anna)
  •      From Men to Civilizations (Fûtoir)
  •      Planet Earth (Warpzone)
  •      Star Tech (Checkpoint)
  •      Wonders of the Spirit (Tête du chou)

You can find the program on the following link :

Opening of the ticket office on April 17.  All welcome !

A journey to galaxies and interstellar clouds

Yann Trolez, associate professor at ISCR (COrInt team), will talk on May 24 on the topic : "In search of extraterrestrial carbon".
Carbon is an essential element for life. However, it is not only found on Earth. We will see, through this presentation, how scientists go in search of carbon molecules outside the Earth. The planets, satellites and comets of the solar system are interesting items of study. ...

The conference will take place in Atypik bar, 6 Bd René Laennec in Rennes at 7:00 pm.


This cocktail of sciences was prepared by ISCR members :

  • Maelle Marchand-Nowak (V&C team), Paul Charki (COrInt team) et Agathe Lizee (CIP team) for the topic "From Atoms to Galaxies"
  • Paulina Montano (COrInt team) for the topic "Planet Earth"
  • Guillaume Gouget (CSM team) for the topic "Wonders of the Spirit"
  • Claire Fourmentin (V&C team) is the coordinator of the event in Rennes.

The whole Pint of Science team thanks you for your support !


  • Claire Fourmentin - claire [dot] fourmentinatuniv-rennes [dot] fr
  • Yann Trolez - yann [dot] trolezatensc-rennes [dot] fr