ISCR-IPR joint conference as part of the international year of glass (IYOG2022)

" Glass, a strange state of matter "
by Louisiane Verger (ISCR) & Yann Guéguen (IPR)

This conférence led by Louisiane Verger,  CNRS researcher at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences (ISCR), and Yann Guéguen, associate professor at the Rennes Institute of Physics (IPR), will take place on Tuesday December 6, 2022  at 20:30, at the Auditorium Hubert Curien - Les Champs Libres in Rennes.

This conference represents the last participation of the ISCR laboratory to the International year of glass (IYOG2022).


In Rennes, research on glass material is full of discoveries. Within the Mechanics and Glasses department at IPR, all types of inorganic glasses are studied for their astonishing mechanical properties, from their manufacture to their destruction. The Glasses and Ceramics team at ISCR develops original glasses with applications in telecommunications, medicine, night vision devices, energy storage. These two teams from Rennes form together one of the largest academic glass research center in the world.

This conference will cover a wide range of glass compositions, with unexpected properties compared to glasses used in our daily lives.

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  • Louisiane Verger, Univ Rennes, CNRS, ISCR-CNRS UMR 6226, F-35000 Rennes, France
    louisiane [dot] vergeratuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr
  • Yann Guéguen, Univ Rennes, CNRS, IPR-CNRS UMR 6226, F-35000 Rennes, France
    yann [dot] gueguenatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr