Joël Boustie

UR1 Full Professor

Email : joel [dot] boustie [at] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0) 2 23 23 48 18

Office number : Villejean 05-East, Office 426

CV Boustie J 2019


Lab. Pharmacognosy & Mycology – Faculty of Pharmacy – UNIVERSITY  RENNES I

Institute of Chemistry Sciences of Rennes  UMR CNRS 6226, ISCR

born 22 10 1963, Brive (France) , E-mail: Joel [dot] Boustieatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr ()



1986 Dr in Pharmacy : University Paul-Sabatier (UPS) - Toulouse 3                    

1990 PhD National Polytechnic Institute -Toulouse

1992-1999 Lecturer and Asst Prof in Pharmacognosy Rennes 1

1999- Prof. Pharmacognosy (Head lab Pharmacognosy and Mycology)                              

2004- Supervisor research team: Lichen Substances & Photoprotection then PNSCM (2010-2016)- Corint board

Teaching in Pharmacy,: Pharmacognosy, Mycology, Phytotherapy, Biotechnology, Toxic Plants, Nutraceutics

Master 2 degree courses in Natural Product Chemistry : Med Chem in Hanoi (3 years) Nat Prod in Angers (2012-)

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils University Diploma initiated in 2014                               (#210h/year)


Research Topics

Involved since 34 years in NATURAL SUBSTANCES PHYTOCHEMISTRY (Extraction, Isolation, and Identification of secondary metabolites from various Natural Sources

                PLANTS (-2000) (limonoids, alkaloids, phenols)

                MUSHROOMS (1992-2000) (phenols, nucleosides)

                LICHENS (2000-) (phenols, polycetides, mycosporines

Compounds have generally been investigated FOR BIOACTIVITY (antiviral, cytotoxic, antioxidant, depigmenting and other biological targets) in order to have applications for pharmaceuticals and/or cosmetics.

Research management

- 13 PhD supervisions “Pharmacognosy” RENNES I + 2 running : >40 M1-M2 Students, > 30 D.D. Pharm students

- Welcome of 5 PostDocs, 9 short-term missions, 15  invited Profs

- 60 PhD Jurys, 20  Research Ability Jurys,  21 Committees for Technicians, Lecturers or Professor recruitments

- Committees for French research  agreement (AERES jury 2013) (CNRS jury 2014-2016) (HCERES Pres. 2019)

Scientific network

- European Networt in Chemistry (COST-D28),  Group Supervisor« Bioactive compounds from lichens » 2003-2007

- Supervisor BIOASIA « ASILIC » (France-Pakistan-Indonesia)                                                                            2008-2010

- Director of the International Associated Lab. = France/India IAL: (Rennes1/IICT Hyderabad) since 2014 (French part)

- Shared Responsability of the “Biodiversity/Biosynthesis” topic  of the CNRS Research Network Mediatec (2014- )

- Partner of National Research Programs-ANR Emergence (2011-2013) -ANR « BioAnalgesics” (2017- 2020) -ANR   “ALGAIMS» (2018- 2021)


Scientific Council Univ Rennes 1 (1992-96) Vice-President of UR1Scientific Culture Commission + PATSTEC Brittany (2012-2016),

Scientific board of the Corsaire platform (2013-2017), nominated to ISCR Council Unit (2017- ),

Adm. council UFR Pharmacy (1992-2013), elected UFR Pharmacy representative to Regional Pharmacist League

+ in charge of 5th year Pharmacy students (2019- )

Science promotion

Guest-co-editor for Molecules (2 special issue on lichens 2016 and 2018)

In charge of the Mycology trophy in annual International Meeting of Mycology of Belleme (France) since 1998

In charge of the Collection Des Abbayes and lichen herbarium  2005- + L JC Massé collection (leg 2013)

In charge of UR1 Scientific and Technical Culture  (July 2012-April 2016), (initiating House for Science in Brittany 2014 )

Involved in scientific Societies: AFERP (French Speaking Society for Teaching and Research in Pharmacognosy) ), Secretary (1997 - 2001), President (2005-2009), Board (since 1997)  

+ member of STOLON (Teaching & research in Botany-Mycology), AFL (French Lichen Society), IAL (International Lichen Society), ASP (American Soc Pharmacognosy), GA (German Soc)

Meeting organisation


-International AFERP days + symp. France-Pakistan (with JF Grongnet) Rennes, 26 oct 31 nov 2006, + 3rd Symp. France-Pakistan Besançon, 15-18th july 2010, AFERP –STOLON Rennes 18-20th july 2018

-Field session of AFLichenology in Brittany, 2007

-World congress of pharmacognosy in ATHENS August 5-8 2008 (co Pr L Skaltsounis) 1200 participants, 75 countries - -Scientific board of AFERP meetings (New-York 2012, Bruxelles 2013, Copenhagen 2016, Innsbruck 2019…)



PhD prize (Science & Literature Academy) Toulouse 1991,

in “Stars of Research” (Rennes Metropole) 2006,

Academic Palms (Rennes, 2016),

French Lichen Society 2019 medal (attributed to Rennes Lichen lab)


Scientific production


h-Index= 22, citations >1580

112 International Peer Review  PUBLICATIONS (including 12 Book Chapters, 2  Patents)

+ 11 National Publications (including 5 book chapters)

+ 20 Invited Conferences + 22 Invited Seminars

>100 Communications + (2-7 exhibitions, conferences / year to promote Science)


10 selected papers

1- Lohezic-Le Devehat F., Tomasi S., Elix J. A., Bernard A., Rouaud I, Uriac P., and  Boustie, J., “Stictic acid derivatives from the lichen Usnea articulata and their antioxidant activities” Journal of Natural  Products,  2007, 70, 1218-1220.

2- Millot M., Tomasi S., Studzinska E, Rouaud I., and Boustie, J. “A novel diphenyl ether from the lichen Diploicia canescens.” Journal of Natural  Products, 2009, 72 (12), 2177-2180.

3- Roullier C., Chollet-Krugler M., Pferschy-Wenzig E.-M., Maillard A., Rechberger G.N., Legouin-Gargadennec B., Bauer R., and Boustie J. “Characterization and identification of mycosporines-like compounds in cyanolichens. Isolation of mycosporine hydroxyglutamicol from Nephroma laevigatum Ach.” Phytochemistry, 2011, 72, 1348-1357.

4- Boustie J., Tomasi S., and M. Grube. “Bioactive lichen metabolites: alpine habitats as an untapped source”. Phytochemistry Reviews, 2011, 10, 287-307.

5- Bauer J., Waltenberger B., Stefan M., Noha S. M., Schuster D., Rollinger J. M.,  J. Boustie, Chollet M., Stuppner H., and Werz O. "Discovery of depsides and depsidones from lichen as novel, potent inhibitors of microsomal prostaglandin E2 synthase-1 using pharmacophore models". ChemMedChem, 2012, 7, 2047–2054.

6- Nguyen Thi Thu Tram, Chollet-Krugler M., Lohézic-Le Dévéhat F., Rouaud I. and Boustie J.“Mycosporine-like compounds in chlorolichens: isolation and photoprotective properties from Dermatocarpon luridum and D. miniatum”, Planta medica Letters, 2014, 2(1): e1-e5

7- Le Pogam, P., Schinkovitz A., Legouin B., Le Lamer A.-C., Boustie J.*, and  Richomme P.* “Matrix-Free UV-Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry as a Versatile Approach for Accelerating Dereplication Studies on Lichens” Analytical Chemistry, 2015, 87(20), 10421-10428

8-Reddy, R. G; Veeraval, L; Maitra, S; Chollet-Krugler, M; Tomasi, S; Lohezic-Le Devehat, F; Chakravarty, S and Boustie, J “Lichen-derived compounds show potential for central nervous system therapeutics”, Phytomedicine, 2016, 23(12), 1527-1534.

9-Le Pogam P., Le Lamer A-C., Legouin B., Geairon A., Rogniaux H., Lohezic-Le Devehat F., Obermayer W. , Boustie J. “Spatial mapping of lichen specialized metabolites using LDI-MSI: chemical ecology issues for Ophioparma ventosa” Scientific Reports, 2016, DOI: 10.1038/srep37807

10- Olivier-Jimenez D., Chollet-Krugler M., Rondeau D., Beniddir M., Ferron S., Delhaye T., Allard P-M, Wolfender J-L, Sipman H.,Lücking R., Le Pogam P.* and  Boustie J.* "A database of high-resolution MS/MS spectra for lichen metabolites"  Scientific  Data, 2019, in press


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