MaCSE - Facilities 3D Printing

We are equipped with a new multi-tool ZMorph VX 3D printer.
zmorph vx printer

The printer will be used :

  • for plastic 3D printings with the possibility of mixing 2 types of plastic (dual head)
  • CNC cutting and engraving
  • laser engraving and cutting
  • thick paste printing

As we are always developing new experimental setups or adapting existing apparatus, 3D printing is a way to achieve quickly and easily prototypes and functional parts.

But also, 3D printing will be a way to develop new deposition and annealing techniques for glasses and polymers.


Examples of parts

3d printed support for dip pen development
PLA parts supporting a piezo-micromanipulator for the development of Dip Pen technology
Electrochemical cell intended for studies under synchrotron radiation. Prototype made in 3D printing and final machined parts
Photoelectrochemical cells made in PET and ABS. Watertight compartment for electrodes and solution and part supporting a solar light diode