Methodologies, tools for synthesis - Fluorine chemistry

Our goal is to develop new strategies towards challenging fluorine-containing molecules. We are mostly interested in two families of compounds:
•    chiral, non racemic, molecules with a fluorine atom in allylic, benzylic or propargylic position,
•    derivatives with CF2H or CF2R groups in the same positions.
We have discovered - first, that fluorination of propargylic alcohols can be stereocontroled and - second, that fluorination of  ynones gives efficiently gem-difluoro propargylic derivatives.


Based on these results, many synthetic applications toward fluorine-containing bioactive molecules have been already performed by using the triple bonds in these versatile systems:

We continue to develop this powerful approach toward new fluorine-containing heterocyclic systems useful in bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.This research is performed in strong cooperation with groups from University of Beirut, Lebanon and CSIR-IICT Hyderabad, India.