More than 80 participants for the first "Nanomaterials" day in Rennes

The ISCR, IPR, LGCGM and INSA joined their forces to organized the first “nanomaterials “day in Rennes, on January 14. The workshop was a great success, bringing together 80 physicists, chemists and geologists from six laboratories in Rennes.
More than 80 participants for the first "Nanomaterials" day in Rennes

The presentations highlighted both the multidisciplinary nature of nanoscience and the diversity of nanomaterials and applications developed and analyzed on the Rennes site.

The format of the day (15 oral communications, about twenty posters) allowed fruitful exchanges and in particular the presentation of the platforms active in Nanoscience as well as opportunities at the level of European calls for tenders.

Two students were awarded a prize for their communication, which will allow them to finance a future congress registration.

The event, which was made possible thanks to the support of two teams from ISCR (CSM and CORINT), IPR, INSA and the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, as well as the CNano national, was very much appreciated by all participants. It will be renewed in the coming years.