Muriel Escadeillas

Engineer assistant

Email : muriel [dot] escadeillas [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0) 2 23 23 59 46

Office number : 927 - Build. 10C

Education and professional experience

  • Since 2020 : engineer assistant at Rennes 1 University (OMC team and CRMPO-ScanMAT)
  • Since 2005 : technician at Rennes 1 University (OMC team and CRMPO-ScanMAT)
  • 2003 Technician in civil engineering making chemical analysis to test the raw materials in Toulouse.
  • 2002 Technician in forensic science for a toxicologist expert in Lyon.
  • 2001 Master degree in forensic science from Lyon I University.
  • 2000 Master degree in analytical chemistry from Paris VI University.

Research interest

  • I am in charge of the chemicals for the group, I also synthesise and characterise organometallic and coordination complexes. I spend half time at the CRMPO doing elemental analysis.
  • I am involved in supervising foreign students for the synthesis of complexes.

Other activities

  • I am a member of the "Communication" work group for the UMR 6226 ISCR.
  • I am in charge of the OMC team website.

Publications referenced in HAL since 2006