Optical and electronical microscopy

Two devices were purchased : Keyence optical microscope and JEOL electronical microscope

Keyence Optical microscope


Campus  :  Beaulieu
Pièce : 227 
Bat : 10 B

In charge : Johann Troles

Optical microscope

JEOL scanning electron microscope

The JSM-IT300 is a Scanning Electron Microscope.

The improvement of the illuminating system, the vacuum system and the signal processing system show high image quality observation.

There is two modes of vacuum : high vacuum and low vacuum (pressure range from 10 to 650Pa)

It can accept large and heavy specimens, from 200mm diameter × 80mm tall and up to 2kg.

There is one accessory : The Energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS advice for chemical analysis.

Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room : CMEBA
Build : 10 A

In charge : Christophe Calers