Organic Chemistry & Interfaces COrInt

The main aim of the team Organic Chemistry and Interfaces (COrInt) is to develop organic-based molecular tools which address basic and applied current end prospective issues at the frontier of biology and physics.


70 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff are involved in this team in order:

  • to produce new basic knowledge,
  • to design and produce value-added compounds,
  • to offer innovative solutions dedicated to economic development in relation with industrial partners or with technological transfer centers.

The team has developed fruitful collaborations with numerous laboratories worldwide. We are involved in two joined international laboratories (with IICT/CSIR in India, and with Australian National University/Camberra) and developed projects with academic partners from European, American, Oceanic and African continents. We are also active in initiating and maintaining close connections with private partners in order to provide innovative answers, especially in sustainable chemistry, analysis and biotechnologies.