Patrick Loulergue, ISCR laureate of the EMERGENCE@INC2023

The objective of the Institute of chemistry call is to better support young research fellows or lecturers by financing innovative projects
Patrick Loulergue, ISCR laureate of the EMERGENCE@INC2023

As part of the EMERGENCE@INC2023 call for projects, the CNRS Institute of Chemistry has selected the project of Patrick Loulergue, associate professor at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences (ISCRCIP team) related to “Biobased additives derived from PHA for the fabrication of biodegradable membranes”.

Each year, the CNRS Institute of Chemistry proposes a priority action in favor of emergence for young talents holder of a future plan for French chemistry. The objective is to provide better support to research fellows or associate professors recruited since 4 to 10 years by providing financial support as part of innovative projects in relation to latest developments or in relation to the scientist current topics.

To this end, Patrick Loulergue will benefit from the funding of a post-doctoral fellow for a period of 18 months and a financial support.

Congratulations to him!

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  • Patrick Loulergue, Univ Rennes, CNRS, ISCR-UMR 6226, 35000 Rennes, France
    patrick [dot] loulergue [dot] 1atuniv-rennes [dot] fr


Published January 19, 2023