Single crystal X-ray diffraction (CDIFX)


The CDIFX (Centre de Diffractométrie X) is a joint service of the Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes. It provides the Unit's Research Teams with dedicated services as well as technical and computer resources for data collection and analysis of single crystal X-ray diffraction data.

CDIFX's services are intended primarily for teams from the ISCR, teams from the University of Rennes 1 and those from research organisations linked to the University.

The CDIFX may also carry out work for other public laboratories, private laboratories or companies.


  • Crystals selection and diffraction power quality test
  • Determination of unit cell parameters and Bravais Lattice
  • X-ray data collection
  • Data reduction
  • Crystal structure solving and refinement
  • Structural report


  • Data collection and data reduction : APEX2/APEX3
  • Crystal structure solving : SHELXT, SIRxx, SuperFlip
  • Crystal structure refinement : SHELXL
  • Graphics : Mercury, ORTEP, PLATON

Access to crystallographic software (DIAMOND, CSD, Mercury)