Thermal X-Ray Diffractometer

this innovative device lies in being able to heat the sample during the analysis


The EMPYREAN PANalytical diffractometer is used for the analysis of crystalline powders, polycrystalline materials, large single crystals and flat thin film materials.

Here are the following characterisations:
Identification of phases (minerals, metals, crystalline compounds), by reference to databases or already known structures
Evaluation of the size and orientation of crystallites. ;
Identification of the faces of a crystal;
Measurement of lattice parameters (expansion, solid solutions, epitaxy, stresses);
Thin film reflectometry (thickness, roughness, density).

Samples can be studied depending on the temperature from room temperature to 1100 ° C with the non ambient chamber HTK1200N oven heater.



Campus  :  Beaulieu
Room: 128
Build: 10 A

In charge : François Cheviré